bronze, steel
KLAUTERWERK is an interactive sculpture that the visitor can climb if desired. Formally, it apparently resembles the universal climbing frame that we know from playgrounds all around the world. Upon closer inspection, the steel round profiles appear to be held together by bronze 'prosthetics'. These are bronze casts of natural elements from the close proximity of Damme. Bronze branches, trunks, mud, a little owl, etc...This means that the landscape is literally absorbed by the sculpture. At the same time the transparent character of the work does not constitute any obstacle to the environment. At the highest point of the sculpture there’s a weather vane (steel/gold leaf arrow) so that the wind direction and it’s reflection at the moment is visible and included in the work.
As soon as the visitor interacts with the sculpture, he/she also becomes part of the work of art. In this way, visitor, landscape, wind and sculpture become one.
KLAUTERWERK is therefore a literally accessible sculpture with an underlying philosophical and ecological consideration and question.
unique copy, 2023